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Hi, I'm Libbie Trott and I'm a Retired Art Teacher in Worthington, Ohio - a suburb in Columbus, Ohio.

Happy Summer Everyone!

I will be posting photos and notes about what was happening in my Art Room in 2012.

I will be posting new pictures soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The 5th and 6th grade musical was awesome.  The kids worked hard and performed so well.  Thank you  Mrs.Wilson for directing the talents of our students.  Every year you out-do yourself - can't wait for next year's performance.  Way to go kids!

Saturday, March 6, 2010



While you all were having the day off, I put in my time at school organizing, creating, and putting up artwork.  I'm about finished with a project for Mrs. Wilson - back of a '57 chevy.  She's using it in the Musical.  I then went to work on the 5th grade murals and got 2 of them put together and up in the Phys. Ed/Music hallway.  I also put finished sculptures in the Library.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympics not Quite Over

Yes, the Olympics in Vancouver has come to an end but the collaboration of Olympic themed projects are still being played out at WES.  The Related Arts are completing projects that reflect the Olympics - history, traditions, and spirit.  Stop by the school and see what's up in the hallways.  And don't forget to stop by the Library to see the awesome 6th grade Olympic Athlete Sculptures.

Art Show at the MAC

Hi everyone

It's been a busy week in the WES Art Room.  I took over about 13 pieces of artwork to McConnell's Art Center for a new Art Show.  The show showcases artwork of all the Elementary Schools in Worthington.  The exhibit begins March 5th and continues through the end of March.  I hope you get a chance to view our artwork and those of other schools.