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Hi, I'm Libbie Trott and I'm a Retired Art Teacher in Worthington, Ohio - a suburb in Columbus, Ohio.

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I will be posting photos and notes about what was happening in my Art Room in 2012.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Handbuilt Owls from two pinch pots.

Don't forget to poke a hole so that the owl does not explode while cooking!

Each Owl had it's own personality!

Cute Owls!
Here is the clay handbuilding that the third grader's created.  It's our school mascot the Owl.

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  1. Hey! I would like to congratulate you for this blog and for the art projects you and the kids do.
    My name is Claudia, i live in Medellín, Colmbia, and i found this blog because i was looking for an art project for my own daughters.
    Good luck!